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Got Shoe Squish? Suede to the Rescue

 Summer Soles News Launches "Suede Softness" Line of Chic Peel and Stick Insoles That Keep Feet High, Dry and Oh So Comfy

FRISCO, TX March 16, 2006 – Imagine…suede luxury and stay-fresh softness in EVERY shoe. Well, imagine no more because has just introduced its "Suede Softness" line of Summer Soles – chic peel and stick fabric liners designed specifically for stay-dry comfort in sandals and other "cute" open shoes as well as in mules, pumps, flats and other closed footwear fashions.

Summer Soles' "Suede Softness" line offers a patch of heaven for your feet, allowing you to lavish your little piggies with suede comfort in any shoe: mules, flats, pumps, sandals and more. Especially in pantyhose, where shoes get stuffy or muggy,

Summer Soles will keep both your feet and shoes feeling fresh. Summer Soles have been featured in numerous A-list celebrity event gift bags throughout the Hollywood circuit - and for good reason. They offer a stylish quick fix for those who want a chic way to keep their feet fresh all day through. Even LPGA golf pro Mikaela Parmlid is singing the praises of Summer Soles, having noted, "Summer Soles allow my feet to breathe in even the hottest, muggiest conditions. They have been absolutely great."

"Even in cooler weather our feet can get hot and uncomfortable in our leather and synthetic-soled footwear," said Shannon McLinden, founder of foot care innovator "Summer Soles, however, provide a fast and virtually invisible sole of softness, allowing you to be comfortable and fashionable in the footwear fashion of your choice. Our new 'Suede Softness' line is pure paradise, as no matter the shoe style they feel like you're wearing a fresh pair of socks."

With Summer Soles "Suede Softness" EVERY shoe can be your favorite! These one-of-a-kind removable peel-and-stick fabric strips provide edge-to-edge shoe coverage, are completely removable with no sticky residue, and come in a variety of color and fabric options to meet the needs of even the most discriminating woman. They accommodate up to ladies size 11 – simply snip the heel to size, peel and place. Whether you prefer the "Suede Softness" supple microfiber polyester that provides luxurious dryness, or the classic "Ultra-Absorbent" wool blend as recommended by podiatrists for controlling both sweat and odor, Summer Soles are sure to become a style staple for fashionistas everywhere who don't want to smack, slip or squish in their shoes.