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Ultra Absorbent Insoles

Suede Insoles
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Order Ultra Absorbent Now: Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent peel and stick liners bring freshness to any sandal - even mules, flats and pumps. Try with pantyhose for ooh-ahh dryness. Love 'em or your money back!

Summer Soles' Ultra-Absorbent Line (Includes Trim-to-Fit Fragrant Footings) Unlike tightly woven fabrics, Summer Soles use a non-woven fabric that absorbs moisture and channels it away from your feet where it dissipates quickly. Random interlocked fibers (much like a cotton ball) are compressed into firm, 1/8-inch thick fabric strips. This special fabric blend of wool and Rayon is a perfect combination for absorption and evaporation of perspiration without unnecessary odor. So feet feel dry – even when wearing pantyhose.

Why Wool Works: Wool is naturally... wonderful. It has been used for years in the medical industry because fibers naturally grab each other, leaving air spaces that let air and moisture pass to keep cool in the summer.

For all shoe styles: Sandals, pumps, mules, flats – but just the dressy kind, with leather or shiny synthetic soles. NOT for spongy flip flops or fabric-bottomed styles like Birkenstocks.