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Why Summer Soles

Why Summer Soles

Why Summer Soles

How they work
Instant comfort – no kidding! No smack. No squish. No matter how hot or muggy it is outside! Summer Soles and Fragrant Footings make dressier shoes and sandals – even mules & flats – instantly comfy and feet feel fabulous!

Just peel & stick
Our full size insoles have a peel-and-stick backing that stays firmly in place, yet leaves NO RESIDUE on your shoes! So go'head. Place them in those coveted $600 Jimmy's – you'll thank us in 10 years when they still look barely worn.

One size fits most
Summer Soles fit women's shoe sizes 5-11, and men's sizes 7-12. Usually minor trimming is necessary to fit to your shoe. We carry some colors in wide width, too.

Which style is best?
Chic, super soft suede or more absorbent comfort? Or Fragrant Footings which offer both fabrics and add a kick of the finest essential oil fragrances? Click here to see the difference. We have the perfect open shoe insole to fit your needs.

New thong style available!
When you're checking out and picking your colors, note that our Suede Summer Soles are now offered in "thong" style. These are a little wider and longer than usual, and they have a pre-cut slit in the middle. Click here to see a diagram. You can basically make 1 cut from any outer edge, to just past the pre-cut slit, and the insole should wrap around your thong nicely. Look for them where you choose your colors on the drop down menus.

For all shoe styles
Sandals, pumps, mules, flats – but just the dressy kind, with leather or shiny synthetic soles. NOT for spongy flip flops or fabric-bottomed styles like Birkenstocks. The light sticky back just can't grip fabric. Though we hear they're fabulous for going barefoot in Canvas Keds.

What our fans have to say:
"No more slipping and sliding, even when it rains..."
"I placed them in my western style mules and am so happy..."
"After three months of daily use in a seaside town in Mexico, I have one word, fantastic..."
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