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Suede Insoles

Suede Insoles
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Order Ultra Absorbent Now: Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent peel and stick liners bring freshness to any sandal – even mules, flats, and pumps. Try with pantyhose for ooh-ahh dryness. Love 'em or your money back!

For the love of suede soles – we're guilty! Summer Soles Suede Insoles for sandals are the first suede sandal insole for chic comfort in open shoes! Give any shoe the feel of a suede sole in an instant! Just peel, stick and voi-la! Rock your sandal world with suede.

What's so great about suede soles? Everything. For one, Summer Soles' micro-suede is 100% polyester. Not nylon. Ever wonder why closed shoes like pumps start to have an odor when you wear pantyhose? That's the nylon used in pantyhose. So our Suede Soles were developed with polyester. No unnecessary odor whatsoever. Plus, since the suede is micro-fiber, the top layer of the suede soles is made up of loose, "cushy" fibers – just like you're used to seeing and feeling on real suede. So you don't have to buy suede-bottomed shoes anymore. You can buy any type of shoes and peel and stick the sole. Then replace as often as you'd like.