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Summer Soles Goes for the Gold!

 Summer Soles News
Brand Launches New Colorful Insoles in Pink, Blue, Lime and Gold to Complement the Sexy Metallic and Pastel-Colored Sandals of Spring & Summer.

Frisco, TX February 27, 2008 – Inspired by the shimmering gold-colored accessories and sexy colorful sandals for spring and summer, Summer Soles® takes the lead in launching the first gold and pastel-colored insoles specifically designed for absorbing perspiration and to keep feet feeling totally dry and comfortable even during the hot humid summer months.

"High fashion shoes demand a fashion-forward insole that will complement even the chicest sandals in upscale boutiques," states Shannon McLinden, inventor and founder of the Summer Soles® brand of insoles which help women avoid the dreaded "shoe squish" by effectively absorbing perspiration. "The sandals keep feet dry even when women are wearing their metallic or pastel-colored sandals and open-toed heels." McLinden developed these products not so much for comfort, but specifically to put a blissful end to the slippery and moist discomfort caused by leather- and synthetic-soled footwear. Thus women longing for perspiration-free shoes no longer have to wear only flip flops or other 'airy' shoe styles.

"According to The International Hyperhidrosis Society, plantar hyperhidrosis (a.k.a. the 'sweaty feet' condition), makes up part of nearly 8 million people, or 3% of the U.S. population, suffering from excessive perspiration," explains McLinden. "There are also untold millions who simply hate the 'squish'. This solution is long overdue, and we're thrilled that Summer Soles® can help people improve their quality of life." These four new colors (Lime, Rose Pink, Sky Blue, Yellow Gold) are available in the "Suede Softness" style, which are made of micro- fiber polyester. Easy to trim, these peel-and-stick liners are easily removable and do not leave any sticky residue on the shoe. They are also recommended by podiatrists for controlling both sweat and odor, while offering ultra-luxurious yet totally dry comfort. The Summer Soles® "Suede Softness" gold and pastel-colored insoles retail for $7.95 U.S., or 3 pairs for $21.00 U.S. and are available to consumers both online at and toll-free at 888-773-9626. Summer Soles® also offers "Suede Softness" insoles in exotic Animal Print styles.