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 Summer Soles News
Innovative new sandal insoles now available for men seeking sweaty feet intervention, in response to consumer demand.

DALLAS, TX--(MARKET WIRE)--Aug 16, 2005 – Good news, guys! You no longer need to worry that your sweaty and, dare we say, smelly summer feet will offend those around you, nor do you have to contend with cumbersome foot powders or deodorants to solve this often embarrassing problem. Foot care innovator today announced it has launched a "for men" version of "Summer Soles" – discreet, one-of-a-kind fabric strips designed specifically for sandals – just in time for the height of the summer season.

Erik K. Fritz, a self-proclaimed "Summer Swamp-Foot" victim, laments the need for a men's version of Summer Soles, having recently submitted this personal plea to the company: "Great idea, but you know the ladies aren't the only ones who have this [sweaty foot] issue...what about us guys?…there sure are a bunch of us [men] who do like to wear sandals of some kind…and don't like sweaty feet any more than the ladies in our lives…"

Summer Soles are a quick fix for the millions of men and women who suffer from sweaty feet, or experience "slippery discomfort" with leather or synthetic soled footwear. These removable peel-and-stick fabric strips are the first open shoe liners designed specifically for people who want stay-dry comfort, particularly those with plantar hyperhidrosis - sweaty feet. Summer Soles provide edge-to-edge shoe coverage, are completely removable with no sticky residue, and come in both black and chocolate brown for men and a range of colors for women. They fit nearly any open or closed shoe style, accommodating up to men's size 12 and ladies size 11 - simply snip the heel to size, peel and place.

"Until now, men only had access to sweat and odor-prevention insoles designed for closed shoes," said Shannon McLinden, founder. "With Summer Soles, however, men now have a quick, easy and virtually invisible solution to help their sandals, and even their topsiders, stay dry and pass 'the smell test'."

McLinden continues, "Summer Soles have been featured in numerous celebrity event gift bags throughout the Hollywood circuit, but A-list stars are not the only ones enjoying our unique fabric shoe liners. We often receive thank you notes from hyperhidrosis sufferers who are among the 8 million Americans with this condition who finally have an easy fix for their open footwear. Then there are the untold millions who simply hate to slip, squish and slosh in their shoes. We're thrilled to be helping so many people improve their quality of life."

A prominent national dermatology researcher is currently in the process of formulating a formal clinical review of Summer Soles, the results from which will be instrumental in further validating the need for, and viability of, this functional, discreet sweaty foot intervention. In addition, Lisa J. Pieretti, Executive Director of The International Hyperhidrosis Society, has given the nod to Summer Soles, recently noting, "Beyond the obvious discomfort caused by sweaty feet, or hyperhidrosis, the condition has other devastating effects on the millions of Americans who suffer in silence. We applaud's effort to help alleviate the isolation and embarrassment often caused by this condition."

Summer Soles are exclusively available online at with free shipping through September for U.S. and Canada residents. Visit the International Hyperhidrosis Society Web site at

About, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, offers "Summer Soles" – chic, one-of-a-kind fabric insoles uniquely designed for use in sandals and other open shoes. These removable, peel and stick fabric strips are the first open shoe liners designed specifically for women and men with mild, moderate or severe plantar hyperhidrosis – sweaty feet – who want discreet, stay-dry comfort. Summer Soles are available exclusively online at or by calling the company toll-free at 1-888-773-9626.