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Sweaty Feet Facts

Sweaty Feet Facts
Stop being embarrassed about sweaty feet. We all have them! It's what makes us touchably soft. Read detailed information below about all the causes, as well as everyday solutions.

Sweaty Feet
We've all got them! It's the most porous part of our body and it's what makes our feet soft and supple. There are over 250,000 sweat glands in our feet – producing up to a half cup of sweat a day. Shoes just aren't made to absorb foot perspiration, and the effects in our shoes vary widely:

Finally, Summer Soles are here!
Summer Soles sandal insoles or open shoe insoles make leather or shiny synthetic soles super comfortable for sweating feet! Until there are shoes for sweaty feet, there are Summer Soles! Available in a large color range – red, chocolate brown, camel, beige, light gray, black, white and now suede insole exotic animal prints.
These chic, absorbent open shoe insoles – in both a suede and a wool insole stop sweaty feet from being the cute summer sandal killer. These chic fabric strips are pure heaven!
Summer Soles make dressier open shoes and sandals instantly comfy! For hyperhidrosis sufferers, these sandal liners help stop sweaty feet from severely limiting your summer footwear options. No slip. No squish. Stop sweaty feet in sandals instantly!

Our Ultra Absorbent open shoe insoles are a patch of heaven for your sandals. Unlike tightly woven fabrics, our special-blend non-woven fabric absorbs moisture and channels it away from your feet – so both sweaty feet and shoes stay dry. For moderate absorption, our Suede insoles are oh so comfy and super chic!
These innersoles are easy to use. Just peel and stick; instantly you'll give new, long life to your open shoes-to help sweaty feet. There's no need to purchase different sizes – in either the wool style insoles or the suede shoe inserts, one size fits all. Usually, just a trim at the heel is necessary to fit to your shoe. Plus now wide sizes are available!

Summer Soles Guarantee
While we can't stop you from sweating, we are so sure you'll like how you feel in Summer Soles, we provide a full Money Back Guarantee.

Podiatrist Recommended
Sweaty Feet Facts
"I recommend Summer Soles to all my patients who want instant relief for their perspiring feet. They are an easy, inexpensive alternative to topical applications and provide benefits that medications simply cannot, such as reducing friction with shoes."

– Dr. Adriana Karpati, DPM, FACFAS, Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas

Dr. Adriana Karpati is a Summer Soles Advisor and is available to answer your questions as well! She recommends Summer Soles to her patients seeking solutions to sweaty feet. Her practice is located in Grapevine, Texas. For more information, visit:

Millions of people suffer from sweaty feet or excessive foot perspiration
While sweating is a natural function of the body, it can cause severe distress for those of us with excessively sweating feet. Problems can range from simple uncomfortable squish to downright dangerous slipping or falling in shoes from sweaty feet. If you think you have a foot perspiration problem, visit your local podiatrist or dermatologist. Although there is no cure for sweaty feet, a doctor can explain all the treatment options available to you, including Summer Soles – certainly one of the quickest fixes available for sweaty feet issues.

How many people have both sweaty hands and feet?
It is estimated that nearly 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from Hyperhidrosis (2.8% of the population). Prevalence projections from a 2004 study indicate that Plantar Hyperhidrosis, or excessive foot sweating, is less common than other forms. The study reports that 50.8% of U.S. Hyperhidrosis sufferers have Axillary Hyperhidrosis, underarm sweating, in combination with other forms of Hyperhidrosis. 25% have Palmar Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating of the hands, alone or in combination with other forms of Hyperhidrosis. It is assumed that Plantar Hyperhidrosis sufferers, those with excessive sweating of the feet, as well as those with both sweaty hands and feet, make up a fraction of the total Hyperhidrosis sufferers.

Is there help for excessively sweaty feet?
Yes. There are definitely ways to help sweaty feet. While there is no cure, there are number of what the International Hyperhidrosis Society calls "everyday" solutions that work well. Also there are treatments that a doctor can provide. Sometimes it helps to find an ideal combination of treatments and everyday solutions.

Powders and Gels
Summer Soles are simple. A solution to the daily application of over-the-counter powders and gels. Daily routines are a hassle, and most of us barely get out in the morning with our shirts tucked in. Summer Soles are fast and easy. Just peel, stick and forget about it.

If you're using prescribed medications, you should give Summer Soles a try. The combination may be just the right solution.

Everyday Help for Sweaty Feet:
- Look for cotton or other absorbent linings in closed shoes. Avoid nylon, as these are not shoes for sweaty feet – nylon can create odors.
- When wearing sandals and open shoes, don't pick the open shoes with insoles made of synthetics or plastics. These can cause sweating feet to become even worse.
- Use Summer Soles absorbent liners. They help sweaty feet stay away from shoe beds, so the chemicals and dies in sandals and open shoes can't rub off on feet, irritate sweaty feet, or make sweaty feet sweat even more!
- Check with your podiatrist or dermatologist about prescription antiperspirants. While over the counter antiperspirants may work for some people, it is our experience that most customers find the best help after visiting their local doctor. Using these prescription products for sweaty feet on and around your soles and between toes can really help reduce issues and cure sweaty feet.

Treatments for Sweaty Feet:
- If you visit a podiatrist or dermatologist, they can talk to you about other sweaty feet help. We cannot endorse or recommend any of these – only a trained professional can speak with you about the effects of these treatments. There are machines that deliver iontophoresis. These machines use a high voltage short-term electrical current that drives positive and negative ions into sweaty feet tissue to reduce feet sweating.
- Prescription antiperspirants that can be sprayed onto feet and toes that reduce the amount of perspiration created by sweaty feet.
- The technical term for excessively perspiring feet is within the family of hyperhidrosis, called plantar hyperhidrosis. Your dermatologist of podiatrist can direct you to medical procedures created just for excessively perspiring feet.

How are sweaty feet helped by Ultra-Absorbent Summer Soles?
Sweaty Feet Facts
Until now, shoe liners have been available for orthotic purposes, for overall cushioning, and as inserts for either the heel or ball of a foot to improve the overall fit of a shoe. None of the current products are designed to absorb moisture for sweaty feet and prevent slippage due to sweating feet when wearing open shoes. This Summer Soles absorbent open-shoe liner has been created to answer the needs of those looking for summer footwear solutions for sweaty feet.

Typical footbeds of non-athletic shoes such as pumps, loafers, and sandals comprise a liner made from leather, plastic, or synthetic material which cannot absorb nor release foot produced perspiration. However, the human foot has the capacity to produce at least ½ a cup of perspiration per day. As a result, feet accumulating perspiration tend to slip in typical footbeds, causing the foot to shift inside the shoe and even slip completely out of the shoe in some cases. Further, persons with Hyperhidrosis have even more difficulties, such that simply keeping an open shoe on their feet is nearly impossible.

For people with these sweaty feet problems, and particularly those with hyperhidrosis, or plantar hyperhidrosis, Ultra-Absorbent Summer Soles provide a simple solution. The specially-blended wool fabric is not tightly woven. In fact, small air crevices exist between the interlocked fibers. These small air crevices are able to capture perspiration from sweaty feet and as pressure is applied while walking, this perspiration slowly moves to the sides of the insole where it dissipates. The Summer Soles Ultra-Absorbent insoles pull moisture away from the sole of footbeds. The result is that footbeds stay drier, and unaffected by friction with shoes. So sweaty feet feel much more comfortable without the slippery, dangerous sliding that would have taken place without using Summer Soles.

Is the Suede Style helpful for Sweaty Feet?
Yes. Our Suede Style of Summer Soles open shoe insoles for sweaty feet are made of a microfiber suede. At the surface, loose and somewhat fuzzy fibers act as one more layer between the woven fabric and your feet. While the Suede Softness style simply cannot keep your feet as dry as the Ultra Absorbent style, they are certainly removable just like the Ultra Absorbent and so based on the amount of feet sweating you experience, you may like to interchange between Suede Softness and Ultra Absorbent. Even many of our customers with Plantar Hyperhidrosis rotate through wearing the two styles.

Where can I find more information about Sweaty Feet and Treatment for Sweaty Feet?
We are big fans of The International Hyperhidrosis Society and their website dedicated to sweating issues: