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Absorbent Trim-to-Fit 2 pair pkg - $15

Absorbent Trim-to-Fit 2 pair pkg - $15

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Fragrant Footings Absorbent Trim-to-Fit
Bring the finest essential oils to your feet with every step you take. The soft, dry natural aromas make kicking off your shoes and walking around your house a total treat. Love 'em or your money back!

Fragrance Options:

Kiss Me Till Morning Mint
Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine






Fabric Details

Our Fragrant Footings line uses essential oil fragrances, tested by Dermatologists. They're hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing and 100% addictive! Because they use essential oils from nature, anyone who is allergic to lemons, mint, or jasmine flowers should not use them.

Fragrant Footings' Absorbent Trim-to-Fits:
Made with the same non-woven fabric as our classic Ultra Absorbent Summer Soles.

Fragrant Footings' Ball of Foot Cushions:
Made with the same type of fabric as our Suede Softness style. A little less plush, but 100% polyester and super soft.





Strappy and wild
"I love my Summer Soles! I have them in nearly all my shoes - high heels and flats alike. Summer Soles were great inside my Jimmy Choo shoes on my wedding day - no slipping and sliding in the heat. I love the range of colours and patterns and like to match them with my shoes - like this pair from Chinese Laundry with leopard print Summer Soles."

-- Jennifer, Australia

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your great product. Since I moved to LA - I pretty much live in sandals. And I have some that I just love - but the soles would just make my feet sweat and I slip off. One time I almost broke my ankle because it was hot and WHOOPS off I went. Since I got your product last year I put them in all my sandals (except the ones that have fabric and don't need them) - and YEAH - no broken bones! Thanks again. Brilliant invention."

-- Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

  The heels have it
"2 pairs of my favorite shoes with summer sole softness of suede inserts. A pair of sexy 4 1/2 inch stilettos (a great look to elongate my legs) and my classy 4 inch Nine West sling-back pumps. I wear them to work with a pair of slacks or out with the girls with a pair of skinny jeans."

-- Cara

"I cannot express my delight that I don't have to spend another summer hiding my freshly pedicured feet wearing sneakers and socks, my feet actually sweat profusely. Now I can enjoy wearing sandals, heels, thongs. I love it... No more slipping and sliding no even when it rains."

-- Lani K., NY

[Umm... May we borrow your closet?]
"I had to send you a picture of my 'friends!' Almost all of them have Summer Soles!!! I love them! I have also included a picture of my favorite brown flats with the limited edition artisan Summer Soles and my favorite silver peep-toe heels! Thanks for a great product!"

-- Dawn, NY

"I love love love them so much. What a wonderful product for those of us who cannot wear those cute sandals and mules because of the sole. I placed them in my western style mules and am so happy that I do not have to send them back because I can wear them with total confidence."

-- MaryAnn D., VA

Comfy, comfy
"From my garden Teva sandals to my strappy dancing shoes, I put Summer Soles in all my shoes, give them to my friends, and put them in Xmas stockings!"

-- Cara

"Finally I have found the perfect product for my flats. I live in flats but since I can't wear socks with them, I have to go bare. This results in stinky sweaty feet. I've searched far and wide for any socks or soles that could help with this problem but no such luck. Socks aren't low enough so you can see them sticking out and insoles still cause sweaty feet. I am so glad that someone has finally invented a product that solves these problems. Thank you! I will definitely be purchasing more for my flats collection!"

-- Anonymously Happy

Party sandals
"These are my latest soles - my wild party sandals with ties & my favourite airy sandals for every day"

-- Ulrica, Sweden

"Like everyone else, I LOVE my Summer Soles! Finally I could comfortably wear my partially open pointy-toe heels WITHOUT socks! On a cool bu HUMID night! (with only toe-peds). But here's a tip - while struggling to get the Summer Soles into the pointy-toes, I discovered it's easier if you leave ON some of the paper backing an inch or two at the toe - then that part will slide in, while the rest of sole sticks in place."

-- Lynne B., NY

   Closed-toe, but open to fun
"I wear my Funky Snake Skin Pumps with Ultra Absorbent Stay Dry Liners. (Worn for mostly play rather than work.) Mary Jane Style work pumps with ankle strap - with Ultra Absorbent Stay Dry Liners. And the most softest and comfortable ever 2 inch black pumps for work."

-- Helen, New Zealand

"I have the cutest pair of black strappy sandal heels that are open-toe that have been sitting in my closet for two years because I always slipped straight through, now thanks to my Summer Soles I wear them 2-3 times per week."

-- Erin V., MN

Elegant slingbacks
"Congratulations on creating a product that makes shoes even better! These are my Stuart Weitzman Jute Slingbacks with Jasmine! (Fragrant Footings are my favorite) and Soft Patent Leather Livened with Leopard!"

-- Denise, TX

"Just wanted you to know that I love my Summer Soles. I have at least 5 pairs of expensive leather sandals that I would never wear because I hated the feeling of my feet on leather. I could only wear the sandals with hosiery, which means I rarely wore them, because when it was hot enough for sandals, it was too hot for hose... It seems rare for someone to invent and market exactly what I need."

-- Laurel S., CA

The perfect pair
"The cutest flip flops ever are only so cute if they have to stay in the closet because my sweaty feet can't wear them! Well thanks to Summer Soles I can wear them and not worry about slipping in them. Summer soles are awesome and can be cut to fit any shoe... I LOVE them! If you have sweaty feet these are for you! You will never want to wear another pair of shoes without them! Thanks Summer Soles for a GREAT product!"

-- Anonymous

"I can't say how much I love that someone actually came out with a product I can use for sweaty feet. I have never been able to wear any shoes that were cute or anything because of the sole, even in prom I had to wear old lady shoes with material because I couldn't wear the normal ones but since I've discovered Summer Soles I buy all the shoes I want to buy instead of the ones that I have to buy. All of my friends now love that I don't just wear 'grandma' anymore but cute shoes that they want to borrow even."

-- Brenda, 20 yrs old, FL

"I wear my zebras as I prance on the dance floor with my BCBGirls black wrap around heels. My leopard Summer Soles keep me dry in my Hype Croc platforms while I walk in the sweltering concrete jungle."

-- Jessie, NY

"I ordered three and immediately put each one in three pairs of dress shoes. I have worn one pair of dress shoes so far and no sweating or odor at all. They seem to either absorb or wick away the foot moisture. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you again when I buy new shoes."

-- Noel H., NY

  Be jeweled
"These are my two favorite shoes - both Nine West. Before I couldn't wear summer shoes because my feet always get wet, especially in summertime the weather here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is too hot. Thanks to your Summer Soles now I can wear my favorite shoes without worrying..."

-- Jocelyn, Dubai

"This is exactly what I've been waiting for all my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're the 'sole' reason I'm loving summer now!"

-- Olivia O., Japan

Flipping out
"I love wearing suede Summer Soles with my flip flops! I could rarely wear cute sandals before! Now I wear them all the time! And I put Summer Soles into any pair of shoes that do not require a sock... from snazzy little heels to cute platform wedges!"

-- Dayle, AZ

"My comfortable, now even more comfortable, bronze heels and my pretty flowered heels with soft suede insoles no longer hurt my toes from slipping to the bottom of the shoes."

-- Ashley, CA

Gorgeous pointy-toes, all around
"My shoes and feet love Summer Soles!"
-- Bari, NJ
"Hola Shannon: In June you were kind enough to send us samples of your Stay-Dri liners to try out. After three months of daily use in a seaside town in Mexico I have one word, fantastic. We both placed them in our open leather sandals just before leaving the States, and they held us the whole time we were there. Even on the very hottest days it was wonderful not to find our sweaty feet sticking to, or slipping and sliding around inside them. The sand proved to be a bit of a problem as the grains would get beneath the front toe area and lift the inner sole up a tad, but we managed to keep them intact by cleaning that area daily. We think that your product is a must have for the active traveler and heartily endorse them. Thank you for the opportunity to try them out, they made our daily work so much more comfortable."

-- June & Bruce Conord,



Wide width:
If you are used to buying wide width shoes and insoles, you'll want to select "WIDE" from the colors in our drop down menu. This style is slightly wider and longer than our original Summer Soles.

We also now offer "Thong" versions of some styles in our SUEDE STYLE only. These are wide width and have a pre-cut slit in the sole that makes it easier to wrap around thong sandals. Simply make a snip from any outer edge, to just past the pre-cut slit and the insole should wrap around your thong nicely. Any style of Summer Soles can be trimmed to fit a thong, but the Thong style makes it easier!

Actual Wide Width Size:
3.25 inches wide x 10.7 inches long Shown below

Thong Slit Also Shown Below: