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Foot powders

Dr. Karpati on Foot Care

1. Question:
What over the counter powder or meds can I take so my feet can stop sweating?

Dr. Karpati's Answer:
The easiest way to control your feet from sweating is by using any underarm antiperspirant. This will not stop all of the sweating, but it will help. Your feet will feel even drier by having Summer Soles in your shoes and sandals to wick away any remaining moisture you may have. And with summer just around the corner, now is the time to prepare and start “Summer Solei-ng” your footwear!

2. Question:
In addition to Summer Soles what would you recommend as a foot antiperspirant?

Dr. Karpati's Answer:
Actually, any under arm spray antiperspirant works to a certain degree! It is the main ingredient aluminum chloride that helps to reduce sweating.

3. Question:
I have hyperhidrosis. Are there any effective over the counter foot sprays or should I just go straight to the prescription strength products from my dermatologist?

Dr. Karpati's Answer:
Try Summer Soles first! You will love the way it absorbs and wicks the sweat away and the way it makes your feet feel! Best of all, it is not medicated which is always a bonus in my book! As an adjunct to Summer Soles, try any underarm antiperspirant (not deodorant) spray in the mornings. It may save you a trip to the doctor!

4. Question:
I use powder and still have foot odor. What else can I do?

Dr. Karpati's Answer:
My first suggestion is to start absorbing some of the sweat which causes that odor. Summer Soles is great for this since it literally absorbs the sweat off your feet and this will help to reduce the amount of sweat that can cause the odor! Another suggestion is to wear the socks that wick away the moisture. These socks can be found in most athletic stores. Cool Max is a favorite. Also, try changing your sock more several times a day so you have a fresh pair to continue to remove the sweat off your feet. Keep using the powder and Summer Soles will do the rest! Also, to help cut down on the odor, Dr. Smith's brand makes a product called Deodorizing Foot Wash which you can apply directly to your feet.

Medical conditions are fact-dependent, so in addition to Dr. Karpati's insights, it is important you consult with your personal physician before undergoing any footcare treatment.

Dr. Adriana Karpati is a trusted Summer Soles Advisor and frequently tests Summer Soles products before they are brought to the public. Over the years, she has answered countless footcare and podiatry-related questions – many of which are posted here. Her practice is located in Grapevine, Texas. Her office can be reached through www.faant.comfor medical appointments and established patients only please.